Friday, October 7, 2011

I smell a Femoral ORIF

ring ring ring

"Good afternoon this is the Radiology Department, DG speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hello there! We need a C-Arm in room 8 please"

"Alright I will report it"

"Thank you!"


"Well let me see who is on portable this afternoon!"


"Hmm...R.TPregnant is on Er? But she already had her baby! R.TCrazy is handling the inpatients but were the heck is he!? Then that means..."





*goes to the OR*

"Well DG look at it this way, you will be here for a while so might as well talk with your OR buddies"

*gets changed into OR clothing, gets the C-Arm, sees one of the nurses*

"Hey May! Any idea which C-Arm are they going to use?"

"DG? You are on portable this week AGAIN? Well they are using BIGASS C-Arm"

"Urgh...I wanted to use CUTETINY C-Arm...alright...who is the orthopedist?"



*gets BIGASS C-Arm*

*pushing the damn thing* "Urgh...the wheels on this thing are STILL damaged! I thought I reported this a month ago! I am going to get an herniated disk from this.."

*opens door to Room 8*

Dr.Playboy- WERE ARE THE SIZE 7 STERILE GROVES!? GONE? GONE!?!? THIS IS BULLSHIT!! GET ME A BOX NOW!!! *looks at DG* Oh! You are the one who is going to assist me? Come in darlin! Please don't mind my yelling!

This guy is a psycho...

*about an hour at the operation*

Dr.Playboy- Now please place the C-Arm around the mayor trochanter and give it a bit of angulation *x-rays!* Beautiful! You darlin are an A class tech.

Me- Thanks...

Dr.Playboy- *tells guy next to him to give him a hammer* No really I mean it yo-WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST GIVE ME YOU IDIOT!? I DON'T WANT THIS HAMMER!! FUCK DAMNIT!!

Me- *sigh*

Yep! Just another beautiful afternoon with least there are nicer people....


  1. Lol. Great Post. Your blog is really funny :)

    -The Anonymous Teenage Blogger

  2. Your comment means alot to me, thank you! I am still a newbie but I try to write interesting things.