Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Atleast I am not brain dead...yet

Just took the GRE general test a few hours ago and I am still feeling a bit lightheaded, geez is like my neurons are protesting in need for a freaking day off. I didn't found the test as hard as many people told me it was (Just watch me flunk faster than you can say 'oh shit!' just watch...) the only issue was the verbal test, like I said a few days ago English is not my main language so taking an entire 3+ hour test that decides my fate in grad school in an English that is by FAR not high school level (BS! College level English classes were easier!!) was challenging...but I am still positive.

Now the next test remaining is the Subject one which is required for the Anatomy/Neurobiology program. I am still deciding whether to take the pure Biology one or go hard core with the Biochemistry/Molecular biology. Because enzimes and proteins make me go all 'squeeee' on the inside!

Well...I might post something later...when my brain stops going on strike...

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