Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All down the drain

So we were doing a follow up Abdominal/Pelvic CT scan with IV contrast on a very sweet lady who was suffering from stomach cancer. She always brought us little things like chocolate and lollipops and she always came to our department with a brilliant smile on her face despite the monster that was slowly consuming her body. Once we helped her get on the table, the nurse plepared the IV while I helped in getting the iodinated contrast it was all just part of the routine...nothing could go wrong here right?

Until we saw this:

An axial image of an Abdomino/Pelvic CT with IV contrast showing classic (deadly) Liver Metastases.

We were shocked (No...I was HORRIFIED) when the images appeared, making it clear that her battle with cancer was coming to its end...and clearly she was not going to be the winner. When I was still in Rad school the professor told us to have a strong heart, we will get attached to many of our patients and it would just be in this case.

Oh! But it got worse! When Dr.Ihavenoheart came in

Dr.Ihavenoheart- Oh my god! That patient is so screwed! Cancer is everywhere!

WOW! Thank you doc! For sharing your opinions to us AND to the patients family who were quite nearby. Thank you...


  1. I hope you let him have it... I would have had a hard time not going Incredible Hulk on him.

  2. What scares me the most is that I tend to see more and more people with the same attitude as that like they lose the compassion we need to give our patients.