Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh just a guess...

So there I was in an appointment with my neurologist to have my refills for some pills I take for my migraines:

Dr.Neuro- Here you go DG.

Me- Thanks!

Dr.Neuro- Oh did studied in Awesome Hospital School right?

Me- Yea I graduated in 2009*

Dr.Neuro- So I bet you visited my restaurant?

Me- Huh? Restaurant?

Dr.Neuro- Yea the one just outside of the main building.

Me- You mean The Neuron?**

Dr.Neuro- Yes! How did you knew I own that place?

*Yea i'm still kinda shiny and new...
** I'm not joking...the restaurant it's called The Neuron, and quite tasty pizza they make!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drunk people

What appeared to be a beautiful morning in the department, went horribly wrong when I saw a very LARGE group of people (Paramedics, docs, med students, nurses, cops...) rush into the CT room carrying a bed with a very injured person.

See...this 30 something male was having a great time partying with his friends, getting really drunk and all the good stuff but then he decided to do something just stupid and started to flirt with some random girl...who happened to be with her boyfriend, and you all can guess what happened. (This is what the cops actually told us...the guy got beaten up and got his head slammed to a wall several times)

So after spending like 10 minutes in getting the guy into the CT table we managed to do a head scan:

Epidural hematoma. Also presenting midline shift, and slight compression of the left ventricle. Also noted are hypodense areas all around the left side of the brain, nice looking isquemic strokes there...also he had linear fractures of the temporal bone but I couldn't manage to capture it with my camera since it was crazy in there.

Wait...WHAT. Do you have any idea how much brute force one needs to do to cause this!? I swear i'm never getting drunk...

**To the very observant you can actually see a ring artifact, we already reported this like a month ago...still no response.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Them Babies

*me strolling around with my cute, little portable machine through NICU*

Me- Alrighty baby is face up, cassette is in place, technique is ready, nurses and other staff had disappeared, time to shoot! *holding said button to fire*

Baby- *wiggles* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn *wiggles some more, turns around and lays face down*

Me- ...Dude...

Babies...they are so squishy and adorable, you CAN'T be angry with them.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chronicles of Lumbar Discectomy

ring ring ring

"Good afternoon this is the Radiology Department, DG speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hello there! We need a C-Arm in room 3 please"

Hahahah you can't escape me bitch!

"Alright I'll be on my way"

*goes to the OR, gets changed and stuff*

"Huh? Were is BIGASS C-Arm...?"

"Oh hey DG, Dr.Niceguy already got the C-Arm in place, he is just waiting for you"

"Oh praise the lords and heavens!!"

Yes...enter Dr.Niceguy. He is young orthopedist who specializes in spinal surgery and one of the nicest, most sweetest doctor I had ever met in my short life as a technologist. Seriously...he is so sweet I bet it all that you can get Diabetes just by being with him one full day....

Dr.Niceguy- Hi DG! Oh thank goodness it's you! Come on I need to explain how I want the C-Arm to be placed.

That is what he normally says when I enter the room, you just want to pinch his cheeks so badly. Sometimes these operations can last really long hours depending on the location, so we just stand there looking at...nothing. We usually tell jokes and talk about random crap, hell one time when he was taking out some of the ruptured disks from the patient and he looked at me and started to show me the stuff.

Dr.Niceguy- See this? This is how a disk kind of resembles jelly, all squishy and stuff.

GOD I want to give him a hug so badly...

But of course we all know that this is just too good to be true. Enter his surgical tech...some god awful woman who  I am pretty sure HATES her job, seeing as she just scoffs at everyone she lays her eyes on.

 See I understand the importance of her job and looking around to see that people don't get too close to the sterile environment, but YELLING at me on how I needed to be careful not to touch the sterile blue material like I was some ignorant fool isn't gonna score her points in getting friends...

Seriously sweetheart. I didn't study this shit under a rock, I KNOW that all the crap around you and pretty boy doctor is sterile, I KNOW I can't touch it, I KNOW how to keep my distance, so please lay off the unnecessary comments, and the unnecessary glaring because frankly it isn't getting you anywhere with me...oh and please pay attention to the surgeon who is clearly angry at how you just dropped 2 of his STERILE instruments on the floor.


Have a nice day =)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wireless Digital X-ray...the good and bad.

 *first I apologize in advance for my bad english's not my main language so...

So a few weeks ago, the guys at Fancy Hospital Central actually managed to install a wireless x-ray system into one of the machines. Oh sure the thing IS fancy just LOOK at it:

With batteries YO!

but the main problem is that they decided to try the system on the x-ray machine that is located in the EMERGENCY department...yes that's right, the place were most of the work is done. Now before I start the small rant, it's actually a very good thing to try out new products, and awesome technology but I think they made a bad mistake in installing this thing into an ED machine...

The good-

The image acquisition on this thing is lightning fast, I mean finish an exposure and in about 5 seconds the image appears, also since it's all wireless, and fancy crap like that you don't need to change the Cassette and just keep on doing all the routine x-rays, cutting you about half the time you normally spend on one patient using the normal machine with the normal, boring cassettes.

The bad-

This thing weights so MUCH, it's weight equals to roughly 3 14x17 sized cassettes! And lucky you if you drop it and it lands on your defenseless toes, or better yet...if it lands on the floor! Just one single DRX cassette is worth a whopping 50 thousand dollars, and it's so fragile that just three falls will guarantee you that it wont work again...not like those old school cassettes you can throw around like a frisbee and survive the hit (Not like I had done it...honest!). From what I had been seeing, this thing only comes in  big 14x17 size which you are pretty stuck with if you are with an ED patient who just have a simple Hand x-ray...oh how cute of me in using such a huge cassette for such a small body part. Also we had been noticing that the program is kinda buggy, and the cassette takes a lot of time to load into the system...

This is my serious opinion on this product, all has been from experience with it, and while the DRX is quite an impressive technology, and is sure to fit into many x-rays machines around...I'm not really happy about it...give me some nice CR cassettes everyday!!

They come in rainbow colors!

Peace to all everyone!

Nah i'm still alive!

Yea I haven't updated here in a few months which is bad considering I WANT to fill up my blog with a lot of interesting stuff, and maybe get me some shiny new watchers (And maybe some more friends lol).

Well nothing has changed. I'm still desperately waiting to see if I got accepted into the Anatomy program to continue my studies, and I still am the same shiny, sparkling new Rad. Technologist.

Well no worries, I'm going to try to update this blog even more now that my long vacation was for now I will leave you with this beautiful image of my first MRA when I was a student not so long ago:

Neck MRA

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Kidney dance!

Now any of you may all be wondering on what the freaking heck is a C-Arm? Well to the sane people a C-Arm is a portable x-ray machine capable of taking live images of the body (AKA a huge ass fluoroscope) and is most commonly used in surgical procedures*. Now for the INSANE, like health care people, C-Arms are heavy, large, annoying, foot crushing, herniated disk creating monstrosities. Orthopedists love them, X-Ray technologists hate them and Urologists just don't give a damn about them.

C-Arms come in many shapes and forms. There's the non portable ones which are commonly found inside rooms that are used for Cardiac procedures, and the portable ones which come in two sizes, either one with a large "C" or one with a tiny "C". There has been a lot of concern about the radiation doses that the patient, the surgeon, the rad tech and everyone else in the operation room receives from using these machines outside their 5 minute dose limit but I think this can get solved if we educate them of the dangers and the proper uses of the C-Arm but of course...some never listen (Or in my case...get yelled at. )**

I am Itty Bitty TINY C-Arm! I like working with extremities, yay!!

Now a few days back I was called to the operating room for a desperate surgeon in need of my x-ray shooting skills, they were doing a Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy which is a fancy word for "The urologist inserts a tube and just sucks kidney stones out of you". So while I try to accommodate HUGEASS C-Arm and the nurses making the last preparations with the patient the surgeon comes in, dresses in the latest fashion of sterile clothes and starts to operate like was not long until something happened.

Dr.Millionyearsold- Hm? Oh...DG can you magnify that image? I can't seem to see the stone clearly.

Me- Sure.

He x-rays, we get a few cells killed, a bigger image comes...there's 3 HUGE kidney stones

Dr.Millionyearsold- Erm...did you magnified like I told you to?

Me- I did...why?

Dr.Millionyearsold- ...I can't see them *walks from the patient to were I was and stares at the image* Magnify them more!

Me- Doc the C-Arm is at it's maximun magnification! I can't do anything else!

Random Nurse next to me- You seriously can't see the stones doctor?

Dr.Millionyearsold- *stares for like a minute REALLY close at the computer* Hmm...OH! Yea! I see them! Yep! Well...back to work!

So after like half an hour and we flip the patient upside-down, the worlds most ancient surgeon inserts a tiny tube on the patients back and x-rays for an image on were he was, he kept watching the image in live x-ray glory as we all watch in awe (Well...more like horror) as the tiny tube was pocking the poor guys kidneys.


His assistant- what are you doing?

Dr.Millionyearsold- Poking the kidney? Why?

His assistant- ....No reason.

Yes that right kidney was poked real good alright! And while the doc is like 100000 years old he still does his job good...despite his blindness and randomness...God-bless the elderly.***

* If you want more detailed information about C-Arms you can always just google.
** Please PLEASE read this article
*** If you all are wondering, the patient was fine, his stones were gone for good.