Monday, October 3, 2011

Me, myself and the future

First of all forgive me all in advance for my bad grammar. English is not my native language but I still manage to express myself more in it than my first language....hmm...

Working in something related to medicine has always fascinated me since I was a small child. The thing I wanted to do most in that time (Around 2004 when I graduated...hey I told you I am shiny and new!) was to be Radiation Therapist while second on the list was to be a Nurse, so after a few weeks of being nervous about my grades I finally got accepted to a bachelors decree in Nursing, sure I was a little bit disappointed since I couldn't enter into the concentration I liked BUT it was still something good.

I spent the next two years and a half in nursing school and while I found the classes and laboratories amazing I knew that really deep down inside this just didn't felt right. DG was just not nurse material, and don't get me wrong Nurses are awesome! A lot of my good friends are kickass nurses but me? Not my thing...and I still really don't get WHY!! I truly am such a lost case...

One sunny Thursday morning while I was walking over to take an enormous Microbiology test there were people handling flyers and stuff at the hallways and unluckily (Or maybe it was fate?) a few got on my hands. Hmmm what's this? An associates decree in Radiologic Technology? Those people needed education? *flips paper* OMG! Three physics classes!? Huh? Look at all those anatomy the names sound interesting kind of looks like Radiation Therapy maybe...maybe this is what I want!

So after that Microbiology bomb (in which I aced. I would like to thank my friend pseudomonas aeruginosa for appearing all green, stinky and purty in the miscroscope.) I called the school were this associates decree thingy was offered and found out I was still in time to get all the crap they ask for and submit it to them. It didn't took much...and I was admitted to Radiologic Technology in HugeAssHospital school.

DUDE! This school was simply AMAZING! I did my clinical practices with hundreds of students from different concentrations! The ED I spent most of my practice was famous all over the place I live. The baddest of the bad accidents stopped there, the worst and nastiest of the sick people got treated there, I once did over 20 x-rays on a guy involved in a MVA and when I was looking at all those bones as broken as porcelain next to me was the SMARTEST DOCTOR IN THE UNIVERSE (In my student days I got excited over little things...LEAVE ME ALONE!) with a HUGE group of med students all staring at the x-rays I did, writing down on their little notebooks, whispering to each other and asking the professor/doctor/surgeon questions. EVERYONE was learning! There wasn't a single day in my practice (That I could remember...) were medical students and residents when over to us asking questions or just helping out on things.

I fell in love...deep down inside I knew what I wanted to be...

A Radiologic Technologist.

After I finished my rotations and graduated, I quickly got my license as a radiographer and got to work per diem (Thank you AwesomeRad! You helped me in my student needs!) but still I decided to continue studying for the bachelors so I could work with the CT and MRI machines. I loved it...that is all I could say to you so my second blog post wont be too long and boring. what??

The GRE...that's what. And oh lookie here! I take it on Wednesday! Isn't that wonderful?? But hopefully if I pass the annoying test I could finally enter HugeAssHospital school's Masters/PhD program in Anatomy and Neurobiology. HELL YES!!!!!!!

Oh...this is a blog about X-rays...I guess I should post something...

(Normal work's 3:40pm)

Me-Well you have an order for a Chest X-ray ma'am. Is there any possibility of being pregnant?

Mrs. Hatemen- OMG!? What is wrong with you! I am a lesbian!! Of course not!!

Me-'am I didn't asked for your sexual orientation...

Mrs. Hatemen- Doesn't matter! Don't ask those rude questions again!

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