Friday, April 6, 2012

Wireless Digital X-ray...the good and bad.

 *first I apologize in advance for my bad english's not my main language so...

So a few weeks ago, the guys at Fancy Hospital Central actually managed to install a wireless x-ray system into one of the machines. Oh sure the thing IS fancy just LOOK at it:

With batteries YO!

but the main problem is that they decided to try the system on the x-ray machine that is located in the EMERGENCY department...yes that's right, the place were most of the work is done. Now before I start the small rant, it's actually a very good thing to try out new products, and awesome technology but I think they made a bad mistake in installing this thing into an ED machine...

The good-

The image acquisition on this thing is lightning fast, I mean finish an exposure and in about 5 seconds the image appears, also since it's all wireless, and fancy crap like that you don't need to change the Cassette and just keep on doing all the routine x-rays, cutting you about half the time you normally spend on one patient using the normal machine with the normal, boring cassettes.

The bad-

This thing weights so MUCH, it's weight equals to roughly 3 14x17 sized cassettes! And lucky you if you drop it and it lands on your defenseless toes, or better yet...if it lands on the floor! Just one single DRX cassette is worth a whopping 50 thousand dollars, and it's so fragile that just three falls will guarantee you that it wont work again...not like those old school cassettes you can throw around like a frisbee and survive the hit (Not like I had done it...honest!). From what I had been seeing, this thing only comes in  big 14x17 size which you are pretty stuck with if you are with an ED patient who just have a simple Hand x-ray...oh how cute of me in using such a huge cassette for such a small body part. Also we had been noticing that the program is kinda buggy, and the cassette takes a lot of time to load into the system...

This is my serious opinion on this product, all has been from experience with it, and while the DRX is quite an impressive technology, and is sure to fit into many x-rays machines around...I'm not really happy about it...give me some nice CR cassettes everyday!!

They come in rainbow colors!

Peace to all everyone!

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