Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh just a guess...

So there I was in an appointment with my neurologist to have my refills for some pills I take for my migraines:

Dr.Neuro- Here you go DG.

Me- Thanks!

Dr.Neuro- Oh did studied in Awesome Hospital School right?

Me- Yea I graduated in 2009*

Dr.Neuro- So I bet you visited my restaurant?

Me- Huh? Restaurant?

Dr.Neuro- Yea the one just outside of the main building.

Me- You mean The Neuron?**

Dr.Neuro- Yes! How did you knew I own that place?

*Yea i'm still kinda shiny and new...
** I'm not joking...the restaurant it's called The Neuron, and quite tasty pizza they make!

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