Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drunk people

What appeared to be a beautiful morning in the department, went horribly wrong when I saw a very LARGE group of people (Paramedics, docs, med students, nurses, cops...) rush into the CT room carrying a bed with a very injured person.

See...this 30 something male was having a great time partying with his friends, getting really drunk and all the good stuff but then he decided to do something just stupid and started to flirt with some random girl...who happened to be with her boyfriend, and you all can guess what happened. (This is what the cops actually told us...the guy got beaten up and got his head slammed to a wall several times)

So after spending like 10 minutes in getting the guy into the CT table we managed to do a head scan:

Epidural hematoma. Also presenting midline shift, and slight compression of the left ventricle. Also noted are hypodense areas all around the left side of the brain, nice looking isquemic strokes there...also he had linear fractures of the temporal bone but I couldn't manage to capture it with my camera since it was crazy in there.

Wait...WHAT. Do you have any idea how much brute force one needs to do to cause this!? I swear i'm never getting drunk...

**To the very observant you can actually see a ring artifact, we already reported this like a month ago...still no response.

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